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B i o g r a p h y


Growing up in Skokie, Illinois, a bland bedroom community of Chicago, Randal Lee was first exposed to music by his father, a jazz enthusiast who took up the guitar and engaged in what is commonly referred to as the Folk Scare of the 60's. This experience had a brief and marginal impact on his father's life, though the impact on Lee's life was quite profound, resulting in the dismissal of any ambition other than playing music and a determination to live a life unfettered by wealth. Throughout the 1980'sand 90's, Lee played with a number of prominent Chicago-area rock'n'roll bands including, Nathan-Coates, Mike Jordan & The Rockamatics and The Johnny Moe Band, Robbie Fulks, recording and touring the Midwest, including gigs at Chicago's Park West, Metro,Vic Theater, Martyrs and Fitzgerald's. He has opened shows for Richard Thompson, Steve Earle, Joe Ely and the GoGos. The Chicago Sun-Times called Lee, "one of the most unique guitar players in the city."


Lee’s current project in development, the theatrical production, "Cracks in the Foundation," finds him writing poetry and music in partnership with songwriters Al Day, Charlie Madigan, and actress, Sally Craige Christensen. Emerging in recent years as a prolific songwriter with folk, blues and roots rock'n'roll influences, Lee says, "I don't typically write linear or narrative songs, but present images and characters that portray common emotions and experiences. My songs are about people's fears, struggles and victories. In other words, people about to get into trouble, people in trouble, or people getting out of trouble." He currently performs at clubs, coffeehouses and house concerts and is in rehearsal with his band, Randal Lee and the Usual Suspects.


He lives in Waukegan, Illinois.








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