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Three years ago, musicians Al Day, Randy Lee and Charlie Madigan began practicing together as the trio "Bitter Melon," working on music they planned to include in a project that would ask the question, "Why do good people keep getting screwed?" Sally Craig Christensen, an actress with a stunning reading voice and presence, joined them as they moved into the studio. Eamon Madigan became creative and art director for the group.  Ultimately,  "Cracks in the Foundation, A Hard Lesson in Economics Over Time," was delivered, a wide-ranging examination in words and music of a theme that seems to present itself in every generation.

From a Gettysburg general who visits his dead troops in his dreams to the radium dial watch painters who laughed their way through a job that proved fatal, to coal miners and oil workers and on to more contemporary victims of war, of violence, of drugs and alcohol, "Cracks in the Foundation" visits a dark part of American social history, but mixes that narrative with touching songs of love and longing, bad boy behavior, hell fire and finally, redemption.

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